Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sankai Japanese Restaurant

Irasshaimase! The joyous welcome rings out from the staff, even before you could step through the glass sliding door.

Sankai Japanese Restaurant is my little Japanese nook in the heart of Davao City.  They never fail to disappoint. I knew I was going to be in for a treat, when I saw the robed-clad Japanese sushi chef standing behind the counter.

The counter had quite an array of fresh fish, meticulously encased in cling wrap.  The slab of tuna had a very vibrant hue.

Their customers are avid followers of their seasonal specials. I was prevailed upon by a customer seated at the bar to try the Hamachi. I hemmed and hawed, since the item was rather pricey... but after it was served to me, I knew right away why it was recommended. It was incredibly fresh and succulent. A fatty fish with a delicate taste and a sublime texture.

Another favorite is the California Maki.  When ordering the CaliMaki, make sure to request they add the Roe for a nominal fee. These are the largest Cali Maki I have ever been served - a far cry from the tiny bland ones that you see in fast-food Japanese restaurants.

I'm partial to ordering sushi and maki whenever I am in this restaurant. It seems a lot more authentic.  The servings come in symmetrical shapes, with very clean cuts.  There is balance and harmony in the dish - it's almost zen-like.  

Location:  Sankai is located at the corner of Arellano and Emilio Jacinto Extension - in front of Central Bank.  It's a few feet away from HSBC.

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