Monday, June 13, 2011

Avocados, avocados...

In our little orchard, I look forward to the time when the Avocado tree bears fruits.  In fact, I celebrate this more than Durian season.

Avocado still-life, on Mahjong table

There's something about the creaminess of the avocado flesh that puts me in a state of mild rapture.  It's just perfect... if durian overwhelms, avocado, on the other hand, wraps you up in a blissful state of silky textures and delicate flavors.

It's like listening to a Liszt's genteel Liebestraum in the background, as opposed to being jarred by a triumphant Tchaikovsky Overture.

Liebestraum, performed by Evgeny Kissin

Tchaikovsky Overture

We like Avocados in its high-caloric best - mixed with a lot of condensed milk. You wouldn't think Avocados can't get any lusher - but it does, when eaten in this fashion.

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