Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kimchi Somang Restaurant

This is my go-to Korean Restaurant in Davao City - and why not?  The food is reasonable, the servings are huge, and they are quite generous with the appetizers.

One time, I couldn't find a dining buddy to share servings with me, so I ordered what I thought would be the lightest item on the menu.  The Korean Pancake.  I wasn't expecting the usual round of complimentary appetizers to go with this order, since the item was rather cheap - but the waitress kindly brought out a round of four small platters of appetizers.  That was a nice touch.  And then the omelette came.  It had vegetables, seafood.  It was as big as a platter.  I inwardly groaned, since I knew it was going to be good, and I was going to overeat again.

The place is packed with Korean nationals - proof that the food is authentic.  It's homey, with no pretensions whatsoever at ambiance.  A television set overhead is tuned in to a Korean channel non-stop.

My favorites - the Spicy Squid (I'll put in the Korean name once I get back to the restaurant).   Comes served over noodles or over rice, your choice.  And the Kimchi Soup.

Problem with writing about Korean food - I invariably start drooling and must go hunt for something spicy in the kitchen!

Kimchi Somang Restaurant is located at JP Laurel, in front of Victoria Plaza.
Telephone Numbers to follow....

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  1. I agree :) Good food for a reasonable price! I can't wait to try them again :) Be sure to check my site as I've recently wrote a review of the place.