Sunday, June 12, 2011


While researching for this pastry, I realized how much Spain has influenced our country.  Even the Ensaimada is from Spain!


Once in a while, an unexpected gift graces our lives.  This one was in the form of what our neighbor unassumingly calls "Potato Rolls".  Simply put, her recipe calls for mashed potatoes which is mixed with bread dough, rolled in a log, cut up, and baked, and then sprinkled with sugar.  The resulting pastry elevates the common ingredients into the realm of the sublime.  She is quite famous for this specialty, and it is always a treat to receive it on occasions.  Lathered with jam, accompanied by green/mint tea... this makes for a very nice break in the day.

Thank you, Tita Purit!


  1. Yummm, ensaimada. So good and very popular here in Spain (Mallorca to be exact). If you go to the airport, you always know who's coming from Mallorca because they're always carrying a box of ensaimada :).

  2. Hello Erin! Thank you for your comment. You have a lovely blog! I enjoyed reading about your entry on Paella. And of course, I saved the recipe of your mother-in-law's croquetas.

    Good eating!