Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Johnny Cupcakes

It is easy to like, and devour, a box of Johnny Cupcakes.

This establishment was recommended by a friend - and I'm very glad this was pointed out to me.  It's quite easy to miss out, since it's not in my usual travel routes - and considering it's accessibility (Arellano Street - across one of the perimeters of Central Bank) - it's going to be a pity to miss out on this gem of a pastry shop.

The chef-proprietor took up his advanced courses in baking pastries at an American culinary school.  The passion for his craft shows in the tiny details - the exquisite frostings, the novel pairings (beer + chocolate!), and the overall balance of flavors and sweetness in each cupcake.

I tend to lean on the chocolate side of things - so my favorite is his Chocolate Surprise.  Red Velvet is also a best seller.

The surprise in each cupcake is in the reasonable prices of his offerings.  Each cupcake costs Php 40.00... roughly less than a dollar.  Cupcakes these good are usually sold in Manila, with too much frosting, at double the price.

It's worth the visit, if you are craving for a tasty treat - and working out an extra thirty minutes on the treadmill afterwards!

Located at Arellano Street, Davao City, Philippines.  
Go inside the compound beside Mercury Drug - it's on your right side, two establishments from the entrance.

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Telephone number:  +63 82 224 5000 

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